Finding a Host for Your Website

Finding a Host for Your Website

Getting a domain name registered for your website is only one part of the puzzle to getting your site up and running. Your next job is to find a web host.

A web host is the person or company where your website will be supported. This is usually a company with a number of large servers that can hold all the files necessary for your website to be operational.

There is no shortage of choices when it comes to selecting a web host. The problem is in making sure you get a host that will do what you need.

Today, many hosts are either free or very cheap.

Do Your Homework

But before you go the money-saving route, make sure it is worth it. If the host has slow or non-existent technical support, you could find yourself needing help to get your website online, or back online if there is a problem.

Worse, you could get no answer at all.

Research on any company you are considering to find out what other consumers think about their experiences with them.

Your needs may also partially dictate who you can work with. If you are going to have a complicated shopping website as part of your online business, you will need shopping carts and other special programs.

You should look for a host that offers these types of services.

Before you make a final decision make sure you compare and contrast companies.


  • What is the monthly cost?
  • What’s included in the monthly cost?
  • How much is the setup cost?
  • How much space you get for the price?
  • How much bandwidth do you get?
  • What happens if you go over your allotted space?
  • Is there technical support if you have problems?

Once you have taken a close look at all the options, choose the host company that offers the best service for your small business – and your money.

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