For New Business Owners

Just before Christmas I was working with a friend who had an idea. It was a good idea to help market his current successful business so I suggested he run with it.

He came back to me a day or two later and told me about another idea he had. It was similar, but slightly adjusted. Again, I suggested he run with it.

The very next day he called me and told me about a third idea.

Had he followed through on any of them? No, he was getting caught up in “analysis paralysis” and spending more time analyzing and less time selling.

Carl Sewell (I reviewed his book in a previous post) and Perry Marshall (an Internet marketing guru) both suggest the same thing: try something and test it then adjust it slightly and do it again. Don't spend your entire day thinking about it.

To borrow from Nike, “Just do it.” The Internet is always changing and you can make adjustments to your site or your advertising in moments. So, even if you try something and it only meets with partial success, as least you have tried something and have a starting place to build from.

My friend with the great marketing idea? He's still thinking about it.