How to Write the Business Plan of Your Dreams

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Starting a small business? Write the business plan of your dreams. Easy to read, step-by-step guide with straight-forward exercises and examples to help you focus your vision so you get what you really want out of your business, not a document that sits on a shelf collecting dust.


Learn how to:

  • Set business goals based on what you want out of life
  • Develop your pitch
  • Profile your target market
  • Compare yourself to competitors

What readers are saying:

“I would have saved many many hours of research time if this book was available when I made my business plan.”

Steve Bouchard

Glass Distributors Inc.

“As a partner in a small business, I wish I had read this ebook prior to starting. His straight-forward advice and easy-to-follow style would have helped to instill the confidence necessary to take the leap.”

Todd Hager

Broadpoint Technologies