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Recession Resistant Business Ideas: Part-Time Furniture Restoration Business

In these difficult economic times, people are looking for low prices on high-quality products – and furniture is no exception. Purchasing new pieces of furniture is very costly, and that is why starting a part-time furniture restoration business from home is such a great way to make extra money.

If you have some extra space like a garage or workshop, creativity and an eye for detail, it’s easy to get into this line of work. Working part-time on furniture refurbishing, you will spend time searching for older pieces of furniture that just need a little tender loving care. It’s easy to find item to restore and refurbish at garage sales, secondhand and thrift stores, or sometimes at giveaways on the side of the road. With this unique business opportunity, you can work part-time from home to make extra money. Set your own rates and your own hours.

The majority of your time will be spent sanding old finish and replacing it with a shiny new coat. You might also need to replace or tighten screws, add shiny new hardware or glue pieces of furniture back together. You can sell your newly refurbished pieces of furniture from home, on the internet, at consignment shops or flea markets. People are interested in quality products at low prices. This is a business opportunity that will allow you to offer a product that is in-demand – and at lower prices than the going market. Work as much or as little as you want at your part-time refurbishment business.

Skills Required: use basic tools, design and organization skills

It’s important to use some basic tools when working on furniture refurbishing. You should be able to use thinks like a screwdriver, hammer and possibly even a power sander. In addition, if you want to make extra money with this business opportunity, you will also need a creative and discerning eye to envision what a piece of furniture might look like after it’s transformed. Finally, you need organization skills to sell your newly restored and refurbished items.

Startup Expenses: $200-300

The startup expenses for this great business idea can vary. Depending on the number of tools you already own, you might need to purchase a few basic items. A power sander is especially valuable for furniture refurbishing. A good handheld one costs about $50. It’s also a good idea to have supplies like paint, stain and a clear coat finish on hand. You also need to invest in one or two pieces of furniture to work on. These costs are minimal if you shop for bargains at garage sales or thrift stores.

Monthly Revenues: $500-$1,000 per month

Working part-time from home, your earnings are dependent upon the number of hours you spend shopping for bargain pieces of furniture and the hours you invest in restoring them. Depending on how many pieces of furniture you can restore or refurbish in a month, you can make in excess of $1,000 selling your items.

Monthly Expenses: $100+

Monthly expenses for this business opportunity can vary. Paints, stains, sandpaper and finishes are relatively inexpensive and a little bit goes a long way.

Time to Break Even: 2 months

Within two months, you should be able to restore and refurbish enough pieces of furniture to make a profit.

Part-time refurbishment business is a creative process that can be very rewarding. You can start this business opportunity right in your own home and begin crafting beautiful pieces that buyers will love.

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