Going from Business Owner to Boss

Entrepreneurs are usually excited about the prospect of starting a new business. They enjoy the thrill of developing a product, pitching ideas to financers, and seeing an idea become reality. But what many business owners are not prepared for is the role of becoming “boss” when they find they must hire staff to keep their business growing.

Wearing the boss hat is not easy, and many small business owners have a tough time adjusting to the role. Rather than focusing on selling their product or service, much time is spent searching for and interviewing potential staffers, dealing with current employee work issues, and sifting through all the tough human resources issues, such as personality conflicts and even layoffs.

So what is an entrepreneur to do when employees are involved with the business? Here are some tips to help you with the role of “boss.”

Put the Right People in the Right Job

You’ll get the best results from your staff if you hire the right staff. Hire the most qualified candidate, but also the one who fits with your company’s style. If you are not absolutely sure about hiring someone out of a batch of candidates, don’t feel you have to choose. Take the time to obtain another round of resumes in order to fill your staff positions with 100% confidence.

Include Your Team

One important strategy to help your staff feel connected to the company is to include them as much as possible. Tell them your strategies for business success. Share the positive (or negative) financial results of last quarter. It also means including everyone in a celebratory party for a big company success. Employees who feel connected are more productive.

Coach and Lead

Many entrepreneurs don’t realize that when they become bosses, they aren’t just leaders, but they are coaches as well. That means encouraging your employees, teaching them about their job, and providing the tools they need to advance their own career, as well as your business.

Hire an HR Manager

Sometimes the duties of managing employees simply become too great for a single business owner to handle. If that happens, it is time to hire a person who can be in charge of most employee matters. That frees up considerable time for you as the business owner. Don’t hesitate to delegate the roll of boss to an HR manager if you feel overwhelmed. In addition, you enjoy the perk of a human resources manager who is versed with employment law and ensuring that you are hiring, managing, and even firing the right way.

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