5 Google Adwords Tips That Spell Success

Adwords can either drive your revenues forward or deplete your marketing budget rapidly. If you are planning or currently using Google Adwords, read these five tips for greater success in your advertising campaign.

From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, all types of businesses have benefited from Google Adwords. Even if your website does not naturally appear on the front page of Google search results, your ads can be.

Google Adwords advertising is a great way to spend marketing dollars wisely through pay per click or pay per call ads. The leads generated from Google Adwords are targeted and have a higher chance of converting to sales. The best part is that you only pay when a lead clicks your ad or places a call.

However, many small business owners are not familiar with Google Adwords and how it can bring them the greatest benefit. Here is a brief Google Adwords guide with great tips for getting the most out of your advertising campaign.

  1. Read the Google Adwords Help

    The best help for Google Adwords comes straight from Google directly. You can get excellent Google Adwords tips and insider help directly from the masters at the source through the Google Adwords help page.

  2. Use Choice Keywords in Ad Text

    You want to attract specific customers, so use specific keywords in your ad text. Avoid general keywords like “restaurants” or “dining.” Instead get specific. Use specific words like “Eastern Thai Cuisine in Dallas” or “Seattle Vegan Italian Food.”

  3. Optimize Your Website or Landing Page

    When considering tips for Google Adwords, you must also consider your own website. Remember that the leads from your pay per click ads will end up at your website. Provide your leads with the most direct and pertinent information resulting from the ad. In most cases, this means designing a separate landing page that provide your leads with specific additional information or links to where they can find out more.

  4. Set and Reset Your Daily Budget

    Google Adwords allows you to set a limit on how much you pay as a result of pay per click ads. Try to set a reasonable limit to allow your ads to appear more often in search results. As you monitor your results and find that you are getting more clickthroughs and more conversions than you projected, set your spending limits higher, or vice versa if results are not as expected.

  5. Test, Track, and Modify Your Google Adwords Campaign

    No tips for Google Adwords would be complete without mentioning to test, track, and modify your results. Google Adwords gives you the tools to monitor the results of your Adwords advertising. Read and analyze them. Are you getting as many clicks as per your goals? Are your dropouts greater than expected? Using this tool, you can modify your Adwords campaign in a number of ways to make it more successful, even when it is in progress. Change the keywords you use, your ad text, the bidding on each keyword, and your landing page to better reach your ROI goals.

    Try these Google Adwords tips on your current or your next advertising campaign. The smarter you use Google Adwords, the better your results will be.

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