Google's "Other Products”

I apologize that I'm blogging about Google twice in one week. I wouldn't do it if they'd just stop trying to be so darn helpful.

I know that many people go to Google's main page,  to browse. My home page when I first turn on my browser is actually Google's “other products” page:  because it gives me instant access to whatever I'm looking up: regular searches, news,, images, video, etc. It's quick to see when they add new things so the other day I noticed a link I hadn't noticed before: . This is a Google Labs product, which means they're still testing it, but will let you download a version to try it out. If you use a DSL connection (that is, high speed not dial-up) then this is for you. It places a toolbar on your browser that helps you to browse more quickly.

They give details on their site on how they can help you browse more quickly. Some of the ways include pre-fetching pages or saving pages and only loading updates. One neat (but essentially pointless) feature of the toolbar is a counter that adds up how many minutes or hours you save by using the accelerator. A clever idea but it's really just there for interest sake.

Use it to browse more quickly. As I mentioned in a previous blog, it's another way for Google to become King of the Online World.

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