​5 Key Ingredients to Grow Your HVAC Business

These 5 tactics can help you grow your HVAC business, even if you're struggling and need to find new customers fast.
grow your HVAC business

So, you feel like your HVAC business is stagnating… Or perhaps you are thinking of starting a business, and you have no clue what steps to follow to give it a boost. In this article, we’ll show you how to grow your HVAC business.

There are a few general rules that apply to all businesses, as well as a few specific ideas that are more successful with HVAC businesses.

Grow Your HVAC Business

Knowing where to start or what to do next will answer all your questions – here are some top considerations in the process.

Clear photos make the difference

If you think about it, this is a classic HVAC business and not a travel agency. In other words, if you are like most people out there, you believe technical pictures that showcase your work are more than enough.

This is only a misconception, though. Just like any other business, your HVAC business needs some clear photography that underlines your work – angles, light, décor, and so on. Imagine this is your business card.

You do not need to look for HVAC business loans and hire professional photographers or videographers to get this done for you. Instead, you need to invest a bit more energy and time for your digital platforms.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Would you purchase a product with sketchy or blurry pictures? Exactly.

Register with online directories

There are plenty of online directories out there. Some of them are free – some others ask for small fees to get listed. If you do end up paying, make sure you only do it for large and reputable directories only.

Why is this helpful? You are providing a technical service. No one will hire you if there is nothing about you over the Internet. Potential customers will look up your name first.

Being listed on more directories will give you a step ahead – directories that verify you are even better because they boost more confidence.

Apart from gaining some notoriety or showing up among the first results in search engines, you may also reach people who do not necessarily look up online, but check out online directories only.

Plus, if your website is new and does not really show up among the first results, multiple directory submissions will help with the SEO process, and you will naturally go higher in results.

Imagine someone looking for HVAC service California or HVAC installation London. Such directories already have these keywords because they also include your location – there you go, popping up first.

Get reviews

You do not have to buy fake reviews or ask your friends and family to review your business. No matter how slow or quick things are moving, ask each customer to leave you a review.

Tell them that such reviews will help other potential customers, but also your business – most of them will be more than happy to leave reviews.

When looking for a particular service over the Internet, you would rather pick a service with 4.8 out of five stars and 150 reviews over service with 4.9 out of five stars and just nine reviews.

Unhappy with the lack of reviews? Some businesses take this venture even further. You can offer an incentive – whoever leaves a review joins a raffle for a prize.

You do not necessarily have to spend money on such raffles – you might as well offer free maintenance for a few months or perhaps a free checkup. Simple promotions like these can help you get more reviews and grow your HVAC business.

Make yourself visible

Traditional marketing may not work for everyone out there, but it still does for certain categories of people – tradespeople can count themselves in this group to help you grow your HVAC business.

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Whether you have a business van or perhaps you use your own sedan to get to jobs, make sure you wrap them accordingly.

It does not have to be too flashy – just think of a business name and get some large stickers with a message. It could be your logo, what you do, the business name, an image, but also your contacts.

You get the point – people need such services all the time, and they bother about research only when their problems turn severe.

They will not perform regular maintenance on their HVAC units, and they will not bother if they hear some funny noises – but they will definitely be concerned if they break down.

Make yourself visible and show everyone that you are around – people are more likely to ring you because you are there, rather than do some research and look up online.

Get a uniform

Staff wearing uniforms make the difference. A uniform goes in two different directions. First of all, it shows professionalism. Second of all, it builds reputation.

A uniform will put your business out there – people will see you at work or walking around. It is not all about marketing, but also about showing that you care.

Believe it or not, new business owners wear uniforms even when they go out shopping or walk around. They want brand awareness, so they try to put their businesses out there.

The uniform is even better if you employ more people – make sure your staff wears it, and your business will gain visibility.


In the end, there are plenty of different ways to grow your business and make it more visible to the public. Different tradespeople rely on different strategies, and what works for some people will not work for everyone else.

The point is – you can try different strategies in more directions. It could be something about what you do, the incentives you offer, special offers, or just small tips and tricks to help your marketing campaign – whatever works to grow your HVAC business.

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