Effective Holiday Advertising for Small Businesses

Advertising during the holidays can often seem like an uphill battle to small business owners. Larger corporations seem like they suck the wind out of everyone else’s sails and leave everyone longing for the New Year to begin.

Holiday advertising is an ideal way to connect with existing customers and reach out to prospective customers. Small businesses have the unique ability to really connect with people during a time of the year that can be both financially and emotionally trying.

Holiday advertising is the perfect way to make yourself useful to your customers in their time of need. Let’s look at some of the ways you can use holiday advertising to reach out to your customers.

Be Useful

Figure out how your business can be helpful to people during the holiday season and advertise it.

Be it free advice, free gift with purchase, etc., make sure customers are aware that you are there and that your business can help save them time and money.

Send a flyer, e-mail or newsletter highlighting your services and offering suggestions on how your services can be utilized during the holiday season.

Offer Gift Certificates

Make gift giving easy for your potential customer. Gift certificates are one of the best holiday advertising tools you can use.

Not only do they help your customer, but they may create a new customer in the recipient. You can also offer a free gift certificate to your customers who purchase a certain amount in your products or services.

This is an extremely enticing holiday advertising tool and it may help increase your profit margin.

Send Holiday Cards

Reach out to your customers by sending them a holiday card. This can be a great way to advertise, because you are reminding them you are there and you can offer them a gift in the card.

Put a time sensitive coupon or gift certificate in the card to get them in during the holidays. This shows your customers you appreciate them and their business.


Contact organizations and businesses that host holiday parties so you can advertise with them.

Give them a free gift certificate from your business for them to raffle off at their holiday party. This not only acts as free holiday advertising for you, but you will probably get a new customer or two out of it.

You can donate a gift certificate to auctions, business, schools or any other place or organization that may be having a holiday celebration.

Focus on the Future

Focusing on the upcoming New Year is another great idea for holiday advertising. Send out an e-mail, card, flyer or newsletter that highlights exciting things to come for your business.

You could also focus on how your business can help people in the New Year or how your business may help them stick to their New Year’s resolution. The important thing is to remind them that you are there and how your services can be used year ’round.