How to Organize a Holiday Office Party: Holiday Party Planning Tips

Holiday office parties are no longer the boring, drab parties they used to be. With so many holiday party ideas to choose from, holiday party planning today is fun and entertaining.

If you have decided to have a holiday office party, you have to do some planning. And depending on the size of your business, you may have to start planning well in advance.

However, you can make your holiday office party one to remember – provided you know what is involved in planning the perfect office party.

Here are some tips for your holiday party planning:

Get Everyone Involved

Discuss the party with your employees and colleagues. Solicit company holiday party ideas from everyone who is interested. This helps in forging a sense of unity and avoiding resentment.

Then, consider forming a committee to organize the party. If your business is smaller, then everyone should be involved.

Holiday Party Themes

Decide on a theme for your holiday party. Having a holiday party theme helps in organizing a more entertaining party.

Try to think a bit differently; go for something new and exciting. Consider taking the company to play a round of golf, visit historical places, or taking a dinner cruise or going to a fine dining restaurant.

The idea here is to opt for a holiday party theme that takes you away from the mundane office environment.

Pick a Suitable Date

Decide on a date that is good for everyone. Christmas Eve usually isn’t very good, as most people want to take off early to be with their families.

Make sure you inform everybody well in advance, and that your holiday office party date does not clash with a holiday or fall on the date of an important company event.

Ask your employees if they think it should be held on a weekday or the weekend. This will ensure that everyone will be able to participate.

Choose the Right Location

The idea behind a holiday office party is for everyone to unwind and enjoy themselves.

Choose a location that is festive, comfortable and beautiful. When you choose the location, make sure that it is in a location that is convenient for everyone.

Food and Beverage Considerations

Naturally, the people in your office have different dietary requirements. Some may be vegetarian while others may be on a diabetic diet.

Having a menu that caters to everyone is a good idea. It is always better to serve non-alcoholic drinks so that things don’t get out of hand. You can ask your employees about their dietary restrictions and preferences.

Make sure that you arrange to have the right amount of food and drinks available.

Decorations to Create That Party Feeling

While doing your holiday party planning, pay special attention to the decorations. They should match the season and the holiday.

Games and Activities to Enjoy

Be sure to plan games and activities that help break the ice.

For example, you can organize games and have singing competitions. You can have prizes for the best-dressed person. Play lively music in the background. Try to hire a DJ if your budget permits.

Remember, this is your opportunity to show your employees your appreciation.

Cool Gifts and Prizes

At the party, give gifts and prizes that are cool, fun and useful. They can be the latest electronic gadgets, party favors or gift certificates.

Ask all your employees to pitch in when it comes to gift ideas – that way, everyone will feel that they have an opportunity to contribute.

Organizing a great holiday office party can be fun for everyone. Follow the tips above and make your party one to remember!

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