Your Company Holiday Party Checklist

Organizing a holiday office party is not a difficult task, but there are many points to consider for making it a success. Today’s holiday office party is no longer as simple as it used to be - the stakes are higher because of the need to be politically correct.

The workplace has also become more diverse – there are people from different countries, backgrounds, cultures and religions.

In spite of all these factors, a company holiday party can be an enjoyable and fun experience for all. What you need to do is to take care of few basic requirements.

  1. The type of party: Your holiday party checklist starts with the theme of your party. Will it be a traditional party, a social one or a formal event? When will the party be organized and where? Will it be during the day or evening?

    Each of these questions and their answers lead to a different approach to planning.

  2. Budget: Your budget forms the basis of your holiday party checklist. All the important aspects and holiday party supplies of a company holiday party like the venue, menu, gifts, entertainment, and decorations depend on the budget.

    The budget is also important in planning the scope of your party – whether it will be for employees only or for their families and guests as well.

  3. What, when and where: Next on the party checklist are the organizers – whether the party will be organized by office staff or by professionals.

    On most occasions, this is directly related to your budget, and the availability and experience of your employees.

    Checking when and where the party will be organized is also important. You will need to make reservations for catering and facilities.

  4. Invitations: Send invitations to your employees and guests well in advance. Always check with your important guests to make sure that they are coming.

    Make sure that all employees have been invited. It is a good idea to also invite spouses or significant others.

  5. Dress Code: The dress code for your company holiday party depends on the theme of the party. Formal events will have a formal dress code, while relaxed get-togethers will have a more casual dress code. Convey the dress code for the party along with the invitation.

  6. Entertainment: The entertainment for the company holiday party also depends on your budget – whether you will have live entertainment or not. You can also opt for simple games to keep employees and guests entertained.

    Whatever you decide, having a relaxed atmosphere is a must. Remember, this is a party!

  7. Menu: Your company holiday party menu must be decided, keeping in mind the theme and timing of the party.

    Decide on the type of food you will serve. Will you be serving dinner or snacks? Will it be a buffet or sit-down dinner?

    Another very important part of your holiday party menu is alcohol. Will you be serving alcohol? Who will be liable if someone in an intoxicated state is injured?

    If you do decide to have alcohol available, remember to arrange for a cab service.

  8. Decorations: Decorating your company holiday party venue is another aspect that you need to look into. You need to arrange suitable decorations or guide the event managers in this regard.

    It is always good to opt for variations of standard decorations. You can also choose for recyclable decorations to minimize the clean-up afterwards.

  9. Holiday Party Supplies: Make a list of all the items required for your company holiday party. These holiday party supplies can include food, drink, games, decorations, gifts and prizes. Make sure that there are enough available so you don’t run out.

Planning a company holiday party that will be fun for everyone can be challenging. By using the above party checklist, you can make the process both easy and fun!

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