A Booming Home Business: Baby Proofing Services

If you have experience baby proofing your own home, you could use your expertise to form a home based business helping other parents – while increasing your earnings.

If you have children, or know others who do, you may know the safety consciousness that goes into baby-proofing a home. Every year, there are more statistics of injury and even death to infants and babies in the home. 80% of all child deaths occur at home, mostly by choking, burning, poisoning, or drowning. Most of them could have been prevented with a thorough consultation and safety implementation with a baby-proofing expert.

Why not put your child home safety research and expertise to work for you by starting a home baby proofing business? This can easily be done as a part-time business on weeknights or weekends. A home baby proofing business gives valuable advice to new parents on how they can make their home safer for their child.

Skills Required: Knowledge and expertise on home safety standards for children.

Starting a home baby proofing business doesn’t require a college degree or even special coursework. It does, however, require that you research current home safety standards and have a good eye to recognize potential unsafe areas in a home.

Perform extensive research online. Purchase books that are specific to home safety for children. If you have children, this is good practice in making you an expert on baby proofing as well.

Startup Expenses: $100 -$500

Startup expenses for this service-based business are usually minimal. You will need some capital so you can perform your initial marketing to get clients. Ads in newspapers and child magazines may run you a few hundred dollars. However, most clients can be obtained by word of mouth and by networking at child product stores.

Other startup expenses might include books and guides that are specific to child proofing and home safety, as well as tools to install safety devices, and samples of safety devices to show your clients. You can also build a website to market your new home baby proofing business inexpensively if you do it yourself, or a few hundred dollars if you hire a web designer.

Monthly Revenue: $200 – $3,000 per month

Your revenues depend on what services you offer. You may just offer a consultation and recommendation. Or you might even offer to install safety devices as well. You can make additional income by selling child safety devices as part of your business.

You might charge $100 to $200 for a full consultation and analysis. If you perform the work yourself, you might charge an additional $30 to $50 per hour for your labor. Just a few clients each month can easily earn you $200 to $400, and a few clients each week can bring in a nice monthly income.

Monthly Expenses: $0 – $300

Monthly expenses are minimal. The one thing that is highly recommended for a home baby proofing business is liability insurance. The potential for litigation due to child injury stemming from your safety recommendations or oversight on your consultation could put you in financial jeopardy. Protect yourself with liability insurance with reasonable limits.

Additional expenses will probably be your regular marketing expenses in Yellow Pages, Newspapers, magazines, and print materials.

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