How to Earn More Income as a Horse Exerciser

Do you love animals? Do you have extra time on your hands? Learn how to earn more income by working part-time as a horse exerciser.

In these difficult economic times, people are working more hours and spending less time at home. Horse owners find it increasingly difficult to give their animals the amount of attention and exercise that they should get every week. In fact, very few people have the time to exercise and care for their horses properly – which is why starting a horse care services business is a great way to earn more income in your free time!

If you have knowledge about horses and are a skilled rider, then you have what it takes to succeed in starting your own part-time horse care services and working this fun job. Horse exercisers are similar to dog walkers. They provide companionship and attention for horses, while taking them out for weekly riding sessions. Horse exercising is enjoyable part-time work that you can do to earn more income.

The majority of your time will be spent providing some basic care services, such as grooming and riding horses. Depending on your skill level, you might earn even more income by providing training services or maintenance work for your clients. This is a fun job that will help you relax and allow you to do something that you love to earn more income.

Skills Required: horse handling and organization skills

In order to succeed as a part-time horse exerciser, you must already possess solid horse handling skills. You need to demonstrate confidence in your ability to control the horse on and off the ground. This is not a job for inexperienced or novice riders. Organizational skills are also important because you need to arrange appointments and be on time for your horse exercising sessions every week.

Startup Expenses: $0-50

The startup expenses for this great business idea are minimal. You’ll need to do some advertising, but the best way to do so might be going to rural areas where people have horses and knocking on doors. Some of your expenses may include fuel costs. In addition, you can advertise on free online classifieds boards and community bulletin boards. This is part-time work that takes a very small investment to generate a large return.

Monthly Revenues: $500-$1,000 per month

Offering horse care services can be lucrative. Depending on how many clients you secure, you can earn up to $1,000 a month helping people care for their horses properly. Because exercising horses is a fun job, you won’t even feel like you are working very hard to earn more income every month.

Monthly Expenses: $50

Your biggest monthly expense will be the cost of fuel to get from client to client. Part-time work as a horse exerciser costs very little because you can use the owner’s equipment to get the job done. It’s not even necessary to maintain or purchase your own riding gear aside from clothing.

Time to Break Even: 2 months

Within two months, you should be able to secure enough clients to break even as a part-time horse exerciser.

Offering horse care services is a fun job for animal lovers with horsemanship skills.

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