How to Assemble Your Social Media Dream Team

Using social media for business is a smart step forward to promoting one’s brand and building stronger customer relationships. Small business owners who want to leverage social media strategy must also make the determination of who will be in charge of such activities. Oftentimes, a social media marketing strategy involves not just one individual, but an entire social media team.

How do you make the determination of who’s in charge and how to assemble a social media team? Here are a few tips:

The Social Media Team: Who Should Be In Charge?

There are a few camps when it comes to determining who is in charge of your social media team. Some small business owners choose to remain internal, while others go outside the company externally.


If you go with an internal social media team manager who will it be?

  • You? – Will you, the small business owner, take the helm of your social media activities? The entrepreneur and owner of a company is a logical choice, if the company is a smaller one. Keep in mind that being in charge of your social media strategy requires a time commitment that you may not be able to keep if you wear many other hats within the company.
  • Share among employees – In other small businesses with just a few employees, the social media strategy is shared among everyone or a small committee.
  • Marketing/PR dept – If your small business has a marketing department, that may be the logical choice to head your social media team. These folks are knowledgeable about your product and are trained in communicating influencing messages.
  • Hire a dedicated Social Media manager – Of course, you could actually create a dedicated position within your small business to handle your online marketing and social media strategy. If you go this route, be sure to read the skills to look for below.


For some small businesses, they simply do not have the time or resources to handle all the social media activities. In this case they may choose to outsource the management of their social media team.

  • PR Firm – A good professional public relations firm not only know how to keep your company in a positive light, but it will also be in touch with sound social media strategies.
  • Social Media Firm – With social media being so popular as a marketing option, there are a number of firms who specialist strictly in social media management.
  • Independent Contractor – And independent consultant might also be your best option to handle your social media strategy. Many people who have experience with corporate or other business social media activities may start their own independent consulting business and may be the most affordable choice.

Skills to Look for in a Social Media Manager

If you choose to hire a social media strategy specialist, either internally or externally, here are a few key skills and qualities you will want:

  • Keen writing skills – Can easily post quick social media updates and quality blog posts.
  • Diplomatic – Can respond to comments with tact and diplomacy, and never a harsh word.
  • Knowledgeable – Your social media manager will be knowledgeable about your product and/or service.
  • Articulate – Will be able to communicate effectively and direct others within your social media team.
  • Adaptable – Will be able to analyze and assess needs within each social media channel, and formulate the right choices as situations arise.
  • Analytical – The social media manager will also be able to interpret and analyze metrics particular to your social media strategy, and make sound decisions to achieve your social media goals.

Who Else Should You Involve?

To complete your social media team, you need more than just someone to create accounts and write updates. Here are a few others you should consider:

  • Graphic/Web designer – Of course, your web designer can do more than just build your business website. He/she can help with social media account page designs, and even distinct website landing pages for your social media promotions.
  • Audio/Podcast specialist – This is a person who can help you product professional quality pod casts and audio recordings.
  • Videographer/Photographer – This is a visual artist who can help produce quality video clips, short documentaries, and still images for your social media use.