How to Build Customer Trust in 4 Easy Steps

In a world of faceless entities, one-dimensional storefronts, and the seemingly endless dirty marketing tricks that abound on the Internet, building customer trust can be a real challenge for any web-based business.

So, what can you do to help convince customers that you are trustworthy? Here are a couple of ideas…

  • Be honest. In a world of sleazy marketing tactics, your customers are going to find honesty refreshing.

    Don’t overstate your services and products, and don’t force customers to read the small print.

  • Personalize your business. Something as simple as putting a picture of your bricks-and-mortar business, or a group shot of your employees can give your customers a sense that they are dealing with “real” people.

    Provide your physical address, phone numbers, and email addresses so your customers can contact you if they questions or contacts.

  • Post testimonials from actual customers. Solicit testimonials from all of your satisfied customers. Take the best ones and post them on your website.

    Of course, keep the original notes or emails, in case the authenticity of your testimonials is ever challenged.

  • Make customer service your #1 priority. Most unhappy customers won’t ever take the time to contact you, but they will tell their friends, who’ll tell their friends.

    This means you should be treating each customer as though they are crucial to your business… because they are.

    Handle problems like you would like to have your problems handled. Your customers will reward you with their trust.

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