How to Create a Home Office

How to Create a Home Office

Many entrepreneurs starting their own online business decide to work from home. This is a very intelligent and economical way to start a business – if you do it right.

The problem comes if you settle for just any workspace at home. If you are running a real business, you need a real workspace, or home office, from which to run your company.

It doesn’t take too much work to set up a home office. Here are the essentials:


You will need the basics, such as a desk, chair, filing cabinets, printer stand, etc. Also, make sure you have adequate lighting for the space.


When running an online business, not much is more important than the computer.

If you’re going to splurge somewhere, this is where to do it. You want a fast computer that will do all the things you want without giving you grief.

Internet Connection

Anything less than broadband, preferably high speed broadband, is likely going to drive you crazy.

Most webpages today take a lot of work to load and require your system to be able to zoom through the Internet. A slow connection will equate to a lot of wasted time waiting for files to download and webpages to appear.


These days, you have options when it comes to phones and faxes. If you want to do things the old-fashioned way, a landline phone and fax machine are fine.

Many small business owners prefer to be mobile and have their cell phone double as their primary phone. They also have virtual fax machines, where documents are loaded into their computer. That way, they can see them anytime, anywhere.

Once you have the basics in place, you can start to fill in the details that make your space the working environment you want and need for your small business.