How to Figure Out What the Public Wants

How to Figure Out What the Public Wants

If we could figure out what the public wanted, when they wanted it, and how much they’d be willing to pay for it… we’d all be rich.

That’s what marketing your business is all about. Customers are a fickle bunch. They might respond well to a particular flyer this month, and be totally non-reactive the next.

So what’s a struggling business owner to do?

Ideas So Simple They May Surprise You

These ideas are beautiful in their simplicity…

  • Watch the big boys… then forget about them. They change their advertising by the week. Unless you’re blessed with a huge advertising budget, find what works for you – and stick with it.

    Changing your advertising too often tends to confuse your customers. Experts agree that it may take as many as 30 impressions to capture a potential customer’s attention.

    So hang in there.
  • Walk a mile in your customer’s shoes. Well, okay, not a mile, but maybe just a moment to think like a member of your target audience.

    What are they looking to get from your product or service? Does your advertising motivate the buyer?

    Read it several times over the next couple of days to make sure your ad says just what you want it to say.
  • Probably one of the best marketing secrets is to provide excellent customer service.

    Repeat customers and word-of-mouth advertising is worth a bundle.

If you’re in need of some good marketing ideas (and who isn’t?) here are a couple good online resources for you to check out…

Get going!

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