How To Find Link Partners

How To Find Link Partners

The search engine puzzle is never-ending! I'm always looking for ways to make my website come up higher in the search engine results. One of the best ways to do this is by finding link partners.

It's always better to find link partners with pages that are indexed by the search engines and also to have a page rank. You can ask your link partners for inbound links from their ranked pages, which are indexed – both partners then gain from this exchange.

There are two major ways to use your links. The first one is to improve your search engine rankings. You can improve your ranking by reciprocal link exchanges, viral techniques and triangular link techniques to get your links onto sites. The second option is to purchase links on other sites or exchange links to benefit from web traffic.

You should always avoid bad linking neighbors, also known as link farms. In general, if a site contains generated content, many links per page or a massive useless link directory then they are probably a ‘bad neighborhood'. Partnering with such sites can get you de-indexed or penalized.

Exchanging Links

Exchanging links with other webmasters can increase your page rank and also make your site an asset. You can sell the site, or sell links from your ranked pages, thus generating revenue. If you have a high page rank with little traffic then you can barter it with other sites that have lot of traffic, thus enabling them to switch over to receiving more natural search engine traffics.

The real purpose of a link directory is to provide a real and useful resource to your site visitors. If you create links keeping this in mind, it will help your search engine rankings.

If you have lot of traffic and a low page rank, you can raise your Alexa rating to get high page rank links. You can do this by communicating with other webmasters with a link exchange offer. This way you can gain a high page rank.

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