How to Get Started

Dear Buzz,

I've just started a new business, a B2B software solution, and I'm out “knocking on doors” and selling my products. But I'm not meeting a lot of success. I'm pretty sure that I've targeted my audience and priced my products competitively. I don't want to lower my price, what should I do?


Dear Marty,

This is a common problem in sales. Many sales people knock themselves out by trying to build up additional service or by cutting the price down to practically nothing. However, neither of these two options is profitable.

Assuming that you're offering a quality product and excellent service, see if there's another way you can sell the product: perhaps it's your method and not the product that's keeping it from selling. (Do your competitors sell this way? If not, it could be an opportunity but there may also be a good reason why they don't.)

Another option is to think about a creative solution. For example, charge more for your product and work out a deal with a business consultant and corporate trainer who specializes in a related area and offer an entire solutions package: software, consultation, and training in that specific area.