How to Make Cold Calling Pay Off

How to Make Cold Calling Pay Off

Most salespeople hate cold calling. The results are usually quite dismal, compared to the time and effort made to convert telephone calls into firm inquiries and sales.

Here are some tips that will help you to increase your chances of success in the cold world of cold calling.

Have Your Punch Line Ready

Do not keep your punch line reserved for last, since you might not get that chance. Have your punch line ready to make an explosive start and to keep your listener interested in your call.

Even if the prospective customer doesn’t entertain you, chances are that he or she will remember the punch line in the future.

Research Your Target Market

If you have a list of numbers and addresses in hand, then first eliminate prospects who might not buy from you if they are geographically or financially out of your sales area.

If possible, get data from 2 sources and compare them that way, you’ll have a viable list of prospects.

Set a Fixed Time

Do not call prospects early in the morning or late in the evenings, when people are most likely to be having dinner, sorting out the previous days’ matters or planning for the next day.

Use the early or late afternoon period, when prospects may be slightly more relaxed. Once you set up a routine, then it will become much easier to make that call.

Use Tact and Be Alert

When cold calling, try to understand what the person on the other end of the line is feeling and act accordingly. If the answer is a firm no, then move on. Don’t argue or try to force the other person to listen to your point of view.

Use tact to negotiate around objections without being aggressive or downright annoying. Above all, if you sense that your prospect is getting angry, simply leave your company name and number and call it a day.

Cold calling might seem a waste of time and energy – but if you do your research and your sales pitch is interesting, chances are you will be successful.

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