How to Motivate Your Employees Through a Points System

How to Motivate Your Employees Through a Points System

For your small business to succeed, you will need to continually motivate your employees, especially your key employees.

Your employees need to feel appreciated for the hard work and sweat that they put into ensuring that your business surges ahead. One of the most effective ways to motivate your employees is through a points system.

Here’s how it works.

Set Points for Different Tasks

You could first set up different points, that you would like to award to your employees according to the quality of their work or their duties.

This will eliminate the chances of any ill-will popping up later on. You can post the plan in a prominent place and mark the points down as your employees complete their given tasks on time.

Let Your Employees Observe the System

If your employees can see the system, then they will have a good idea of their position. You can even help employees that have lower points by finding out their problems and trying to solve them.

On the other hand, you should also offer words of encouragement to those employees who are top on the list in order to keep them motivated. Ensure that this internal competition is fair and healthy, so that it does not turn into internal combustion.

Reward the Top Employees

After a month or a quarter, you can give away rewards to your top-rated employees at a public function, which should be attended by all employees. This will provide satisfaction to your top employees and motivate others to work harder.

By posting the points, your employees will know their standing – and this will inspire those who are behind to try harder to catch up. It will also compel those on top to try even harder to maintain their lead.

Overall, it is an excellent system to keep your employees motivated and happy and working hard to help your small business succeed.

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