How to Put the Best Face on Your Small Business

How to Put the Best Face on Your Small Business

No matter what type of business you have, your image is very important. Having a good image can make the difference between clients wanting and not wanting to do business with you.

Proper Attire

Everyone has their own idea of how to dress. If you’re working late at night at home, then no one will care if you’re wearing your Barney PJs. However, meeting with a client is an entirely different matter.

Generally, you should dress according to your industry and the client. If you’re a financial consultant, then clearly a suit and tie is appropriate. If you own a warehouse, then khakis and a polo shirt is probably fine.

Whatever your business, make sure you think of the client when deciding what to wear.

Good Telephone Manners

This may seem like a no-brainer; but you’d be surprised at how many small business owners don’t pay attention to the way they – and their employees – answer the phone.

Instruct your employees to have a cheerful voice and use their first names when they answer the phone. For most small business owners, a phone call is often the only chance they have to make a good impression on potential customers.

Make sure you make the most of it.

Inviting Office Environment

How your office looks also speaks volumes about you and your business. An office that is untidy and disorganized says to clients that you aren’t a serious business owner.

Make sure that your office is warm and inviting – and neat. The better your office looks, them more clients will be comfortable doing business with you.

First impressions count. Follow the above tips and you’ll also put your best business foot forward.

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