I Can't Sell My Product Online

If you're a marketing consultant looking to specialize in something, this could be the area for you. I get people contacting me periodically asking for suggestions on how to better market their products and one of the challenges I hear fairly often is “I want to sell my product online but it's not a product that people often buy online”.

I hear this a lot so I'm not going to pick on a particular product but if you're feeling that about your product, here are some suggestions:

  • Rather than trying to actually SELL your product online, just use a website as an electronic brochure. Forget trying the whole e-commerce thing. Create online coupons and encourage people to go there to find your coupons, print them and bring them in. Use your website as an awareness builder rather than a transactional tool.
  • Strive for selling the dream of ownership rather than ownership itself. Use your website to build the need rather than to feed the need.
  • Pack your site with testimonials.
  • If necessary, use multimedia rather than a static page to show the experience of using your product; for example a small online movie of your product in use could be effective.

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