Insider Tips for Running your Optometry Practice Successfully

These insider tips from professional optometrists can help you run your optometry practice successfully and efficiently.
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An optometry business can not only be a profitable venture, but it is also an opportunity to help people improve their eyesight. But to achieve either of these objectives, you need to make sure that you manage your optometry practice well. When running a practice, any excess overhead can slow you down – which is why proper optometric management is important.

A well designed optometric management must include a comprehensive overview of several aspects of your practice. That way, your business can grow with time, and you can offer your patients the best technologies and care. These are a few insider tips from professional optometrists that can help you run your practice successfully.

Sound Business Knowledge

If you thought that having sound optometry knowledge is sufficient to run your business successfully, think again. While medical education can help you treat your patients well, it might not be adequate to bring them in. Even if profitability is not your only priority, it is essential to keep your business running. Business knowledge is not always dependent on experience, but it never hurts to ask some experts about it.

There are several aspects of a business that you must understand well to run your practice. You need to advertise your business adequately, stay ahead of the competition, treat your patients well, and manage the money efficiently. If you feel the need, take a short business course. You can also look for training online or through books. But if you think that learning about business might take your focus away from treating your patients, you can consider hiring an advisor or a business executive. A business advisor can guide you to manage the various business aspects of your optometry practice, such as business accounts, tax management, cost management, and many others.

Profit Management

Profit may not be your only priority to own optometry practice, but it is an essential one. That does not mean you should give in to unethical, money-grabbing methods. Such practices can cause the downfall of your business. Instead, you must build sustainable business practices that can bring in a steady amount of cash flow. Sometimes to maximize profits, you need to take a closer look at your costs. Curb any non-essential expenses and allocate your budget judicially. You also need to ensure that your staff follows your profit management procedures.

Make Sure Your Patients Are Happy

The first rule of sound optometry management is to ensure that your patients are happy with their treatment. For that, you need to have a team of pleasant professionals who will ensure that your customers are satisfied with your treatment and services. You must have pleasing interiors that look welcoming to the patients. Neutral colors on the walls with live pictures can ensure that your patients feel comfortable. Place a comfortable seating arrangement in the waiting area along with a coffee machine and a water dispenser.

Remember that ensuring customer satisfaction is an essential part of sound optometric management. That means your patients should not only feel happy with their treatment, but also with your after-sale services. Your receptionist or a dedicated customer service representative must follow up with your customers to ensure that they are happy with your services. If you have sold spectacles, or lenses to a customer, you must check whether they are satisfied with the product. Customer retention is easier than attracting new patients, so creating happy patients is an integral part of your optometric management.

Engage in Digital Advertising

In the current digital era, a business can’t survive without digital marketing. As an independent optometric practice, you will have to compete with a few online optometry giants that sell frames and glasses. That’s why you must use digital and social media marketing to your advantage. Make sure that you have a unique selling proposition that you can emphasize in the local social media groups. It will help you to get customers from your locality.

Display Your Products Well

Selling glasses and frames are an indispensable part of any optometry practice. So ensure that your products are displayed well. Most optometry practices have a display beside the entrance and in the waiting area. It not only helps a customer choose a frame while they wait for their turn but also increases your sales. Install a few mirrors and encourage your patients to try on the frames. It will also help your staff to upsell your products to the customers.


Success in an optometry practice can be challenging, but it is possible if you design and follow efficient business management. Treat your customers well, but also pay attention to the other aspects of a business, especially expenses and advertising. Effective optometric management can help you make your practice sustainable and profitable in the long run.

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