Internet Marketing Tips for Newbies

We've all heard that the Internet is a great new medium for business.  I've found that there are limitless opportunities and virtually no rules for you to market your business on the Internet effectively.   However, given that the Internet is an ocean, you need to be the coral in the ocean and know how to catch a prospective customer's attention.

Content is the most crucial factor in internet marketing. 

I've put together some time-tested tips for effectively marketing your business online:

Content:  Good content will automatically build up your brand image and act as a passive marketing tool.  Good content and good websites get recommended to others, thus exposing you to a customer base you didn't even know existed.

Search Engines: Start with the search engines.  A prospective customer should be able to get to you easily and if they ‘happen' upon your site while blindly surfing the ‘Net, so much the better.  The Organic, or free, search engines have been proven to result in more website hits.  To crack the puzzle, chose the right keywords that will get your customers to you.  Suggestions are available on:

Articles: Including articles on your site will brand you as an expert.  It stands to reason that the more articles you have on your site, the more number of times your keywords will appear, therefore you will receive that many more hits. Your articles should be informative.

Press Releases: Including press releases make your site more impressive.  They should focus on news about your business, and not appear ‘sales oriented'.

Blogs:  Blogging is in. Using a blog, you can create content even if you don't know HTML.  People can refer to your blog for industry news, and you can include links to your business' products and services.

Internet marketing does work, if done correctly.