It Ain’t Easy Being Green Your Small Business and the Environment

It Ain’t Easy Being Green Your Small Business and the Environment

Whether your business is small or large, you can still do your bit to save the environment by following these simple tips.

You’ll also be able to save a good amount of money!

Install Sensors to Shut Power for Unused Areas of Your Workplace

You can install motion sensors throughout your workplace. These devices switch the power off when there is no motion detected after a particular period of time.

This will save a lot of energy and money – and you can easily recover the cost of this investment over time.

Set Your Gadgets on Power Save Mode

Set your computer monitors or televisions on power save mode, so that they automatically shut off if there is no activity for a certain period.

This will save a lot of power, since these products consume a lot of electricity.

Recycle Everything

You should shred all your important documents. Then mix them all up and use them as packing buffer when you pack your products for shipping. By doing this, you can avoid buying bubble wrap for your packing needs.

Buy recycled paper for your business needs and also remember to print on both sides of the paper if you are printing trial reports.

Try to limit the use of disposable plastics in your office by switching to porcelain mugs or glasses, which can be washed after every use instead of just being thrown away.

Save Paper and Ink When Printing

If possible, redesign your sales invoices to fit in half a page, so that you can save on paper. You should also use ‘fast’ or ‘economy’ mode when printing non-critical reports to save on cartridge ink or toners.

Use the above tips to do your part to help save Mother Earth – as well as save a little money for yourself at the end of every year.

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