It's Time to Shift to Seasonal Sales

It’s never too late to start marketing for the holidays. As Halloween passes by on the calendar, it’s definitely time to shift your seasonal marketing into high gear.

Seasonal sales are a boon to many small retail businesses. In fact, seasonal sales account for a major portion of total yearly revenues. If your small business depends on the end-of-year sales to remain solvent, then take heed of our recommendations for early marketing strategies you can implement right now.

Connect With Childhood

As winter approaches and people begin complaining about the weather, road conditions, and the winter blues, use the season to connect people to their happy childhood memories. Think of snowmen, snowball fights, warm cocoa, snuggly scarves and mittens – all these can be memorable images that your customers will remember fondly, as well as think of your business in the process.

Build Inventory

If you are setting up your business for post-Thanksgiving sales, start building your inventory now. Use your previous sales experience from past years to be your inventory model. That way, you can more accurately project what products sell the best and start your order or manufacturing process to get the inventory you need to meet demand.

Use Teasers

What better way to use your social media accounts than to send out teasers about your holiday sales? Give your followers and fans a glimpse of your products going on sale soon. Send out reminders of when your sales will start.


Don’t just try to sell your products and services. Explain and show how they make great gifts. Combine certain products in a set or package that makes a great variety gift, or sell your services as a great way to gift a family or friend.


Don’t forget to decorate for the holidays. Right after Halloween is the best time to turn your retail store into a “winter wonderland” where guests and customers will get that warm fuzzy feeling, and more importantly, the motivation to spend money.

Holiday sales will be in full gear sooner than you expect. Don’t get left behind in the pre-holiday sales rush. Start planning today!

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