Keys to Guaranteeing Repeat Business

Nowadays, customers are always looking for the best deals. This does not necessarily mean products that are the cheapest, but those that give them maximum value for their money.

Customer loyalty is no longer a given — just because someone bought something from you once doesn't automatically mean that they will come back for seconds. To ensure repeat sales you have to keep a few things in mind.

Nurture Positive Relationships

If a customer has a positive experience with your small business, then there is a good possibility that they will develop an emotional bond with your products and services.

Unless there is an emotional bond, the possibility of repeat sales is bleak.

Give Incentives to Buy

If you give gift coupons, store credits and other bonuses to your customers, then you are giving them an incentive to continue doing business with you. Although using this strategy isn't guaranteed to work, a majority of the time it works very well and ensures repeat sales.

Provide High Value

Your customers will continue their relationship with your small business if you provide them with higher value products and services. Some companies develop a strategy to sell products in such a way that they become dependent on the product operationally or emotionally; this is an integrated relationship. For example, it is easier for customers to purchase a newer version of the same software rather than learn an entirely new program.

Customer Loyalty Tips

  • In the first sale, make sure that you give customers what they ask for and that products are of good quality. That way, you help to foster brand loyalty.
  • Keep customers informed about pricing issues and shipping delays. If problems arise, be honest and solve them promptly.
  • Create goodwill for your products and services by sending a ‘thank you' letter. This will ensure that customers remember the good treatment that you gave them. You should also introduce exclusive offers for existing customers.

Developing integrated relationships with your customers is the key to guaranteeing repeat business.

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