How to Optimize Your Local Business on Google Maps

Have you claimed your free Google Maps listing to maximize your local website’s SEO and marketing efforts? Learn about how you can improve your Google Maps SEO.

Are you a local small business who wants to increase business through customer internet searches? Any local business SEO strategy should include returning a search result on Google Maps, which can help pinpoint your exact location to those trying to find your products or services.

What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is a service provided by Google through its Local Business Center. This innovative online marketing tool allows you to create a free listing and manage the account to continually improve your Google Maps SEO. Many small and medium businesses simply do not know that they can have a free listing. If you haven’t set yours up yet, visit to be set up right away.

As with any local business SEO strategy, your Google Maps listing should be optimized for obtaining the best results. 82% of internet searches are made through Google for local business information. With the right strategy, your small or medium business can get spotted immediately on the front page of local search results.

Google Maps Description

Your customized listing allows you to create a 200 character description of your business. Use the space wisely. This is as important as developing META tags on your website. Your Google Maps SEO description should include important keywords, as well as local keywords that help searchers find your businesses.

Design a Google Maps Landing Page

Your Google Maps listing allows you to enter a website. Consider a landing page specific for Google searches. This allows you to better track the traffic from Google Maps search results and helps increase your SEO ranking as a pertinent web page.

Claim up to 5 Categories

You have the option to choose up to five categories for your Google Maps SEO listing. Be sure you enter categories that are specific to your local business, such as “Web Design Dallas, TX.”

Add Photos and/or Videos

As you set up your Google Maps listing, you also have the option to upload photos or videos. Although a photo may not necessarily help with your Google Maps SEO ranking, it will help entice customers who see your listing to click your link over those without a photo.

Include Additional Details

You can add additional details to your Google Maps listing. Use these to include more keywords and provide customers with more information. For example, if you operate an auto sales business, you could elaborate on offerings of certain brands, expand on your repair shop specialties, or inform visitors of used car sales.

Use the Dashboard

Your Google Maps SEO listing gives you powerful tools to see how your listing is performing. Google Maps dashboard can show trends in searches, where your searches click from, and the keywords used to find your listing. Use this SEO for Google Maps information to improve your keyword choices, or even to update where you operate your business.

Google Maps can be a powerful ally for your marketing and SEO endeavors. Make sure you take advantage of this goldmine opportunity for your local business.

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