Losing control over your marketing

David Meerman Scott, the author who wrote The New Rules of Marketing and PR which I blogged about over a year ago, is coming out with a new book, World Wide Rave, next month.  To promote it, he wrote an ebook, Lose Control of your Marketing! Why marketing ROI measures lead to failure that excerpts portions of the print version.

Lose Control of your marketing

This is highly recommended reading, not because it features MailerMailer as a case study on how to generate a lot of publicity and goodwill by giving away very useful content for free, but because of all of the other examples he uses as well.  And he has lots!

David Meerman Scott shows you how to build an online publicity engine that propels your reach way passed those who are still caught up in the declining world of traditional print media. Read this book, or bury your head in the sand at your own risk.

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