Make Sure to Include These 4 Key Items in Your Resume

The way businesses approach hiring employees and contractors has changed over the past decade. Here are 4 items you should include in your business resume.
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The way businesses approach hiring employees and contractors has changed substantially over the past decade. Most people fail to realize that over 60% of jobs are found with the help of networking in what’s referred to as a hidden job market. Applying for a new job can be a very stressful process. Making a great impression on a potential employer will take some hard work and dedication. Making your resume more scannable and informative is crucial to your overall success during the job hunting process.

Before submitting your existing resume, be sure to inspect it thoroughly. If you feel like your resume needs sprucing up, using the RESUMEBUILD website, an online resume maker, is your best course of action. The tools on this website can help you change the layout and information on your resume in a relatively short amount of time. As you start to change your resume, make sure all of the important information a hiring manager needs is included. The following are key items you have to make sure are featured on your resume.

Here are the key items to include in your resume, whether you’re submitting it for a contract as part of your small business, or as a potential employee:

1. Information About Your Training and Awards

Putting information on your resume that will attract attention from a hiring manager is imperative when trying to land your dream job or providing your resume as part of a business proposal. One of the main things a hiring manager will look for when scanning over a resume is industry-specific training or awards you have received. If you have received specialized training, detailing what this training was and what skills it helped you hone, can be helpful.

Awards that have been given to you as a result of your hard-work or mastery of your craft are also important to include on your resume. If a hiring manager sees you have received a number of industry-specific awards, they will get the impression you are good at what you do. You only have a short time to impress a hiring manager, which is why including this information near the top of your resume is a wise decision.

2. Don’t Forget Contact Information

Some job seekers get so concerned with including intimate details of their work history that they forget about basic elements of a great resume. If you don’t include your contact information, a hiring manager will have a very hard time calling you in for an interview. This is why you need to provide a number of different contact options on your resume.

Not only will you need to include your phone number and email address, but you may also want to provide links to your website, or even a link to your LinkedIn page. Most hiring managers love to engage with job seekers that have a presence online, which is why adding these links is vital.

3. A Detailed Job Objective Section

The job objective portion of your resume should closely resemble the job description provided by the employer in question. This section is designed to give information about your career objectives and ambitions. Creating content for this section that is tailored to the company you are applying with can help you land an interview in no time.

4. Properly Placed Keywords

Modern business owners use a number of tech tools designed to make the hiring process easier. Applicant tracking systems are one of the most widely used pieces of hiring technology. These programs use pre-determined keywords to narrow the selection of resumes a company receives.

Making sure your resume is filled with industry-specific keywords is the only way to get noticed by an applicant tracking systems. Take a look at the description of the job you are applying for to see what words are used the most. Including these words in your resume can be helpful.

Your Hard Work Will Pay Off

The time you invest in optimizing your resume will be worth it. A great looking resume can help you land a good job.


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