Making the Best Out of Your Insider Threat Monitoring Software

insider threat monitoring

With a rapid increase in cybercrime, it’s important for organizations of all sizes to invest in insider threat monitoring software. While it is necessary for businesses to continue stopping threats such as trojans, viruses, infected attachments, etc., insider threats need a new level of threat prevention solutions.

Insider threat actors can spoof a trusted user’s credentials and act as if they’re apart of your daily business operations. In reality, they are cyber-espionage attempting to seek out valuable data. They might have a personal vendetta against your business or have been hired by a competitor to extract confidential information.

Regardless of their motivation, your business has to be prepared to defend itself from such attacks. By investing in a high-quality insider threat detection system, protecting your IP can be made simple and more secure.

What is Insider Threat Monitoring

Threat monitoring is a process or a solution that’s dedicated to continuously monitoring across endpoints or networks for upcoming security threats such as data exfiltration and or attempts at intrusions.

Threat monitoring helps professionals notice the visibility of their network and the actions that users who use it. This allows them to prevent data breaches and stronger data protection.

Today companies hire independent contractors, staff, and remote workers who use their own devices for work. This can pose an additional risk to sensitive information and the company’s data and creating the need for threat monitoring at organizations.

How Does Threat Monitoring Work?

Threat monitoring involves constantly evaluating and analyzing data that’s in order to identify data breaches and cyber attacks.

Threat monitoring solutions correlate and collect information from appliances and network sensors as well as security technologies and endpoint agents to identify the patterns indicative of a security incident or potential threat.

Once the threat has been detected an alert is given to the security team to help mitigate the risk of the data breach.

Benefits of Inside Threat Monitoring

A mature insider threat detection system offers the following benefits

  • By normalizing correlating large amounts of event data, each enterprise can understand the depth of risk they’re exposed to at each data type, application, cloud, and mobile device environment.
  • Fraud detection and prevention is a huge white space that organizations don’t have full insights on.
  • Insider threat monitoring programs help businesses predict the most common outcome, deliver more effective results, and make better decisions after finding insider threat patterns that can lead to a catastrophic loss.
  • Logging in most medium and large enterprises are not fully understood. Finding out what the risk patterns are and mapping out what systems are truly logged, helps with survivability and availability scenarios that are critical to business assets.


Your business is important, and the quality of your security will determine how long it will last. With insider threat monitoring, you have to find the software that will help your network stay safe from both inside and outside attacks that could ruin your business.

By doing so, you’ll have software that’s more efficient at detecting issues than the human eye. Invest in getting insider threat detection software to ensure that your organization thrives!