Marketing Today: Heavy up on high ROI strategies

It’s not all doom and gloom. Some marketing strategies are resulting in hot leads despite the recession.

What are companies doing these days?  According to a recent poll by iMedia, it’s all driven by data.  Their survey found that the majority of marketers today are putting their reduced budgets in quantifiable strategies that can prove a good return on investment.

eMarketer very accurately summarized iMedia’s report as “Metrics Key for Winning in the Downturn.”

Marketing strategy in bad economy

This data amplifies why keeping your email marketing budget intact is so important in this economy.  The Direct Marketing Association has consistently reported that email garners the highest ROI among all direct response methods.  It is easily measurable — MailerMailer and most other email service providers generate useful reports that illustrate your response rates and other measurable results.

For a business large or small that is experiencing a decline in sales, take a look at what strategies are working for you and get rid of the ones you cannot measure.

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