Maximize Tradeshow ROI with Catalogs

Buying a booth in a trade show is an expensive affair. So getting the most for your money and greatest number of sales as a result is important for you to recover that investment.

The catalogs you distribute at a tradeshow should provide a great amount of information regarding the products you offer. It should scream professionalism in an interesting way.

Here are some ways to increase their effectiveness at trade shows.

Quality Printing Counts

Make your catalogs eye-catching. Keep the colors bright, but not too colorful. The cover should be printed in bold, clear letters. If you have a slogan, place it on the cover.

Content Matters

Inside your catalog, you should have information about your company, including a short history and its achievements that will help to instill a sense of credibility. Follow this with your product information. The catalog should be arranged in such that it conveys to potential customers that you are an expert in your field of business.

It should also give them confidence in your products.

Distribute It

It is very important that you get the catalog in your customers' hands. Not only should you distribute them at your booth, but also at the main entrance and in the parking lot. This will ensure that it reaches the most prospects.

The size of your catalog will depend on the type of business you are in. If you're in the industrial business, then you can print large catalogs. For consumer items, you can print smaller catalogs, which can be carried in purses or bags. The idea is to have your catalogs ready when and where prospective customers need them.

The main thing to realize is that catalogs are the only items at trade shows that offer insight into your organization without your customers actually meeting you. It serves as your silent sales person, long after the show is over.

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