Microsoft MTA 98-367 Exam: Here’s What You’ve Always Wanted to Know

Microsoft 98-367 exam

There are various professional certifications in technology. Microsoft 98-367 exam is one of the exams that provides such certification. This exam aims at testing your knowledge and skills in network and operating system security as well as software security. When you are armed with an MTE certification, you get an entrance point to your professional field of interest even if you have no practical experience. You also make the first step towards becoming a Microsoft Technology Specialist (MCTS).

The 98-367 exam targets those that are willing to start a career on various Microsoft platforms. Also those who want a strong foundation in Microsoft architecture.

For you to be ready to take MTA exam, you need to have the basic computer knowledge, though not much of skills are needed. You can still pass with no basic skills but having them makes it easier for you.

Reasons to Become Microsoft Certified

Microsoft services are some of the most sought after services in most companies and organizations across the world. Employers are always looking for professionals to offer them Microsoft related services. Getting certified increases your chances of getting those opportunities. MTA certification is a step that leads further to advanced MCSA certifications. It creates an easier path of getting the certification.

Microsoft Certification Benefits

  • Higher chances of getting hired.
  • You are viable for promotions.
  • MS certification is an industry leader that is recognized globally.
  • MS professional qualification is most preferred by IT managers compared to other certifications
  • Hiring managers sometimes wish to verify certifications. While it is hard to verify other certifications, Microsoft certification is very easy to verify.
  • You gain a strong foundation in your career, as for the network and system administrators.

Why the Microsoft 98-367 Exam Is Popular

  • Microsoft 98-367 exam covers a broad area of technology, that is, web development fundamentals, networking and security fundamentals, software and windows development, database fundamentals.
  • Earning a Microsoft certification makes you a member of the Microsoft Certified Professional community network. This comes with several benefits such as special offers, MCP transcription tool and a large network where you can find career support.
  • Microsoft 98-367 is marketable worldwide. This creates a large pool of network and big career goals.
  • No previous skills or qualifications required before taking this exam, thereby making it suitable even for beginners.

How to Pass the Microsoft 98-367 Exam

Though Microsoft 98-367 exam is a foundation exam which can be taken with no skills at hand, it can be a bit challenging. Basic computer skills are critical since they make it much easier preparing for the exam. It is also advisable to attend a Microsoft 98-367 class to get the insight of what topics will be tested.

What to Know About Questions in Microsoft 98-367 Exam

While the number of exam questions may change once in a while, it is approximately 30 – 50 questions. You are given 50 minutes to do the exam. The questions are in the format of multiple choices and the passing score is 70. The main objectives of the exam is distributed in the following categories:

  • Security layers 25 to 30 %
  • Operating system security 35 -40%
  • Understanding Network Security 20 -25%
  • Understanding Security Software15 – 20%.

Tips for Passing Microsoft 98-367 Certification Exam

  • Get a schedule to follow when revising for the exam. Give each topic enough time so that you can grasp the content.
  • Find a study group revising for the same exam as you and join. This may be great resource, mostly during question and answer sessions. You get a lot of knowledge and cover areas you may have omitted.
  • Practice tests come in handy during revisions. Through these tests you realize the areas you have not understood and revise on them again.
  • It is also recommended that you check out exam dumps. This helps you to know how questions are usually structured and this makes you feel more prepared and relaxed.

Training Courses for the Microsoft 98-367 Exam

There are a number of training courses for Microsoft 98-367 that you can find online. The most common is Course 40367B which focuses on security fundamentals. It is a course that takes three days. You are able to attend class remotely and also ask questions from the instructor. Learning partners’classroom based training and Microsoft networking fundamentals are also very useful training courses for Ms 98-367 exam.

The most important thing to put into consideration when choosing a training course is its coverage and accessibility.

How Are Microsoft 98-367 Exam Dumps Helpful?

One of the best sources preparing is from ExamCollection. They help you in handling questions that are tested in the exam. They also test your knowledge on different fields of the exam. Most of these exam dumps you can find on the internet and mostly on training courses websites. No matter how useful these exam dumps may be, it is not advisable to rely on them alone. You can combine them with the use of study guides and training courses so that your revision is through and covers all exam aspects.

Top Web Resources for Microsoft 98-367 Exam Preparation

Reference books are of much help when it comes to Microsoft 98-367 exam preparation. Not all books in the market though are recommended for use, since some may be shallow and not cover current topics. The following are books much recommended for exam preparation:

  • Exam 98-367 Security Fundamentals – This book is one of the highly recommended materials for Microsoft 98-367 exam preparation. It was published by Microsoft official academic course. You can download it for free.
  • Microsoft Windows Security Essentials– This book authored by Darril Gibson is another top resource for exam preparation.
  • MS 98-367 official practice test
  • MTA Security Fundamentals 98-367 Exam Prep

Microsoft 98-367 certification is the best qualification for beginners who want to build a profound foundation in networking and Microsoft operating system software. It is one of the easiest certification exams to pass almost with zero skills. It helps you understand security fundamentals in technology. Once you receive this certification, you qualify for other higher professional certifications and further achievements in your career.