Motivating Your Employees During the Holiday Season

In any small business, it is important to have motivated employees. And motivation takes center stage when the holiday season is near.

During the holiday season, for obvious reasons, it may be tough for your employees to get motivated. Understandably, their minds are elsewhere, such as on their own families or the upcoming vacation time.

Depending on the type of small business that you have, it may also be slower this time of year, compounding the motivation problem.

What Motivates YOUR Employees?

Some employees will feel happy if they get an extra day off, some might respond well to the gift baskets that you dole out, and there may be others who will be happy if you give out a holiday bonus.

However, according to studies and surveys it has been found that money is not one of the top motivators for most employees. Keep in mind that employees want their work to be recognized and appreciated.

So the best way to motivate them is by being supportive them and letting them know that you appreciate their hard work – especially when you know they would rather be elsewhere, like with their own families.

Make Them Feel Appreciated

It is best to spend time with the members of your team regularly as the holidays approach. Sit with them and try to make them relax. Ask them trivial but important questions, such as: “What do you enjoy doing?” “What would you like to do more/less of in future?” etc.

While motivating employees during the holiday season remember that employee recognition such as awards, a dinner at a restaurant, holiday bonuses or tickets to a baseball game will go a long way.

You may also want to consider giving them half a day off to do their holiday shopping or run errands; closing up early the day before the holiday is also a good idea.

Make your employees feel that their contributions to your company matters. They will feel motivated if they are appreciated and get a pat on the back for a job well done.

A more powerful way of motivating your employees during the holiday season is to ask them for their input. This way, they will feel involved in the decisions made in the company and that they are integral to its success.

Talk to them and try to relieve the stress that they may be going through due to extra work and family pressure during the holidays.

Some of the major factors that help in motivating employees are:

  • Employee recognition
  • New challenges
  • A chance to learn and develop new skills
  • Being given extra responsibility
  • Feeling involved
  • Status – a new title or privileges

Different employees are motivated in different ways. Some appreciate employee recognition while others appreciate workplace freedom that lets them make their own decisions.

The bottom line is that you have to understand your staff to make it easier for you to motivate them. If you understand their challenges and know that they are bound to be distracted during the holiday season, you will be in a better position to motivate them.

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