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Periodically you'll see our “must-have” series contains software and equipment. But this time I'm recommending that you bookmark this site:

I've mentioned it before in a scathing criticism of SEO writing. Have I changed my view? Not at all. I still feel that SEO writing — defined as writing content that contains between 4% and 5% keywords — is ineffective. The end result may be read and ranked by Google but is rarely read properly by the people with money: your customers. There are many other SEO skills that I think are more effective.

So why am I recommending this site anyway?

Not everyone is a writer or communicator. There are many reasons why you're in business. Making money is probably one key reason. Writing clever prose is not. Textalyser analyzes your text for you (you can cut and paste the text or you can type in your URL) and it will tell you different things about your content including:

How many words and sentences there are and how often the same words are used The average age and reading level and complexity of your writing The frequency that certain phrases appear … and much more information

Why do you want this? Because there are a lot of poorly written websites out there and if you want to rise above the rest and earn an income as an online business owner you need to turn prospects into customers. And that happens with a well written site.

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