How to Take Advantage of the Obama Economy

The inauguration of President Barack Obama was indicative of the need of many Americans to feel hope, to say the least. At the top of the wish list for most is a kick in the pants of the economy.

The recession has been a major issue since the beginning of summer 2008, and Americans are ready to see action from the top that will serve to stimulate our economy back into the financial giant we have been historically.

Businesses in particular need to take a close look at the new economic policies to see what they can do to improve their bottom line thanks to new initiatives.

As always, when it comes to politics (and business, for that matter), there are both mental and physical gains to be made by taking advantage of this New Era for America.

Let’s take a look at a few of them.

The Emotional Factor

Last year small businesses realized the potential of going green and marketing that fact. This year, the emotional appeal to your clients and customers are going to be centered on good old Americana.

As with several presidents before, Obama is encouraging Americans to help out their own economy by purchasing American products.

Coming from a president who is just about the closest to a celebrity as any politician has ever been (except of course for those who actually ARE celebrities), this endorsement carries some serious clout.

Businesses should take advantage of it by embracing American goods themselves, and letting their clientele know they are doing it.

The Financial Factor

Attitudes and strategies are all well and good, but dollars and cents are what make the economic world turn around.

First of all, give your accountant a quick call to find out how the different tax cuts announced in the new economic policies can benefit your small business’ bottom line.

A few standouts include measures which allow companies to write off losses against five years of back taxes, no capital gains taxes on start-ups or small businesses, and outright cuts on corporate taxes.

On the “money saved” side, the Obama economy can really help a small business improve the bottom line by taking care of employee benefit needs.

More part-time and seasonal workers will qualify for benefits, which means small businesses don’t have to worry about paying or losing skilled employees.


If you have been thinking about renovating your business, the Obama economy sets the stage for the right moves.

The stimulus package includes money that will reward businesses which “go green” – again, in the form of tax cuts and outright loans.

And then, of course, there is the fact that should the large amounts of money handed over to troubled banks have the desired effects, business owners should find it much easier to secure loans again. Banks should be a bit more open to those looking for money than they were last year.

It’s a new era for the United States, and it’s time to get business back into gear again. There are lots of ways to take advantage of the new economic policies that Obama’s initiatives are designed to create.

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