6 Tips to Increase Sales through Your Website

Do you still have time to generate big sales with your website? Learn about last-minute strategies you can utilize to increase your online sales before the holidays are over.

With a few weeks remaining in the holiday sales season, you can still attract customers to your website and increase your cyber sales. Although you may have a sound sales strategy in place already, it is always wise to make adjustments as necessary to improve sales during the season. Consider the following tips that can help you maximize your sales this season.

  1. Update Your Website

    The holidays are a festive time, and your website should reflect the season. Although you certainly should not revamp your web design, adding a few touches of holiday spirit can make a large difference. Include a graphic button for your top 20 holiday bestsellers. Create a link for your stocking stuffer gift guide. While you cannot decorate your virtual storefront with twinkling lights, you can still get shoppers in the spirit to buy from you!

  2. Show off Your Best Sellers

    Many small businesses generate tremendous revenues during the holidays from just a few specific items. On your welcoming or front page, you should display your best sellers for customers to view and buy. Post a photo or graphic and an easy link to “purchase now.” Think of this as your most profitable store fixture.

  3. Offer Packaged Items

    Your website sales strategy can improve even more with “package” deals on certain items. A bundled gift set is a great idea for shoppers who want to give more than one small item. For instance, if you sell bath and beauty products, you might bundle the items together and offer a package of soaps, lotions, shampoos, balms, and scents – tied with a nice bow.

    Be sure you show a quality photo of your bundled items and how they will be packaged. It could be in a gift box, a basket, or any other creative packaging. No matter how you package it, a photo will help make it easier for your online visitor to decide on a purchase.

  4. Provide Gift Ideas

    In addition to displaying your most popular item and packaged items, offer your online visitors an “idea” page. On your front page, provide a link to a helpful section that provides gift ideas in certain categories. For instance, you might offer special gifts for men, or women, children, parents, or even gifts under $25, $50 to $75, etc.

  5. Offer Gift Wrapping and Drop Shipping

    Online buyers may not have the advantage of receiving their purchased items, wrapping them, and re-shipping to the intended recipient. Offer to streamline the entire process for them. You can offer free gift-wrapping of items purchased online and drop ship it directly to the intended receiver.

  6. Email Promotions

    You should also be promoting your website through email notices. As the sales season progresses, your sales strategy should include sending emails to your contact list. Be sure to provide a link to your website and note special offers that customers can utilize for their last-minute shopping.

You have very little time to take advantage of the sales season, but you can still update your website so that it is optimized for purchases. With the right strategy, you will likely be pleased with the results of your online sales efforts.

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