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I admit to being critical of governments that become inefficient, slow moving, and bureaucratic. No other business can expect to be successful when it's that unhealthy. It's no wonder, then that I am thrilled to hear about times when a government demonstrates the entrepreneurial spirit that makes this nation great.

Philadelphia made me proud when they formed a joint partnership with EarthLink to blanket the city with a WiFi service. Read more about it.

WiFi is technology that allows people to access the Internet without cords attached to walls; it's all wireless: computers that use WiFi technology send a signal to a nearby hub that is connected to the Internet. Until now, some businesses and homes had small Wifi networks so that the people who worked at the business or lived in the house could use their wireless internet anywhere in the area.

EarthLink partnered with the city of Philadelphia to put WiFi hubs on 4,000 of the city's streetlight posts, blanketing all 135 miles of the city. Now, anyone with a WiFi-capable internet can use the service anywhere in the city.

Imagine the benefits to small business! As an entrepreneur, you can conduct your business on a park bench or in the back of a cab. If you're walking down the street and get a call from a client, you can process their order immediately. As well, this agreement has turned Philadelphia into a giant shopping mall: as technology progresses, we'll see people shopping from their laptops, PDAs, and cell phones while they wait for the bus or walk the dog. Running your business and selling more stuff is made possible with blanketing WiFi technology.

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