Positioning yourself as an industry expert by using video

Making videos for the web has become very, very easy. Just grab a web cam or a hand held camera like the Flip and just record. You can post the video to YouTube or other streaming video sites like blip.tv or Vimeo. But for businesses, does it really make any sense to create web videos?

Well, yes.

Mercola.com, a web site run by a doctor to provide health related information, responds to visitor’s inquiries through Q&A articles but also capitalizes on other web technologies like video. They recently interviewed Dr. William Grant, an expert on how Vitamin D affects your health, and posted the interview to stream off of YouTube with a link embedded on the mercola.com site.


The mercola.com page http://products.mercola.com/inner-circle/ shows a very effective way to relay medical information using a video embedded on web page. They also use this page to upsell visitors to their premium service, the “Inner Circle.”

Once you created your video, you can leverage it in your email newsletter as well, displaying a screenshot in the email message with a link to play the full video.

Positioning yourself as an expert is not easy, but you can leverage all of the low cost technology available at your fingertips to get a leg up on your competition who is vying for the same spotlight – and customer base.