How to Reduce Your Small Business’ Rising Energy Costs

With energy prices shooting through the roof during the past year with no signs of slowing down, your small business could lose a lot of profit as it is diverted towards these expenses.

You will need to take some painful but necessary steps if you want your small business to not only survive but also thrive in these difficult financial times.

Here are some practical and simple ways to cut energy costs that will help you to reduce your rising small business energy costs.

  • Install Skylights.

    If possible, install a skylight so that natural sunlight can replace those electricity-guzzling regular office lights.

    If you cannot afford a built-in skylight, then replace some of your roof tiles or shingles at regular intervals with tiles made of plexiglass or any other acrylic glass.

    This will reduce your electricity bills to some extent, and also save on expensive bulb replacements.

  • Use Affordable Technology.

    If your small business requires goods to be delivered to clients on a regular basis, then you can use technology such as Global Positioning Systems [GPS] for your delivery vans.

    This technology is now very affordable and it can guide your drivers to your clients by pointing out the shortest routes, while also helping them to avoid traffic jams.

    You can also use a mix of biodiesel in your delivery vans. It is now freely available, and also helps you save on fuel costs.

    You can install solar panels to heat up the water in your business premises or to generate electricity. This is another great business energy management tip to reduce energy costs.

  • Use Energy-Efficient Bulbs And Sensors.

    You should change all your regular bulbs to energy efficient Compact Fluorescent Lamps [CFLs] and Light Emitting Diodes [LEDs].

    This move will save you a lot of money at the end of each month.

    You should also install motion detectors that automatically shut off the light or air conditioner in areas where no motion is detected for some time.

    This business energy management tip also cut your small business energy bill costs.

  • Shut Off Every Gadget At The End Of The Day.

    Shut off all electrical gadgets from their power source at the end of each day.

    Some gadgets such as printers, fax machines and personal computers consume a little electricity – even if they are on standby mode.

  • Conduct Virtual Meetings.

    Instead of driving long distances to meet your clients or vendors, install good quality web cameras and matching software so that you can conduct all your meetings through the Internet.

    This will save a lot of time and money that otherwise would have been wasted in traveling.

  • Combine Your Trips.

    If you do need to take the car for some outside work, then combine two or three jobs so that you can finish them up at one time.

    For example, a trip to pick up your child can be combined with a visit to the bank or post office, followed by a visit to the supermarket.

  • Ingrain It In Your Lifestyle.

    Every little step means a lot to your energy bills and also helps save the environment; make sure you take any necessary steps that will help you to reduce your energy bills.

    You should also teach your children how to conserve energy, thus making a planet a bit better for future generations.

By following these practical tips for cutting energy costs in your small business, you will be able to reduce your energy bills to a great extent. There will be some initial investment required for your business energy management, but considering how fast energy prices are rising, it will pay off in no time.

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