How to Start a Professional Organizer Business

Do you know how to put together a party and ensure everyone has a good time? Learn how to start a home-based business as a part time class reunion organizer.

No one wants to take on the responsibility of organizing a class reunion or annual family reunion. While these events are filled with good times and old memories, the task of planning a great reunion is daunting. That is why working part time as a reunion organizer is a lucrative business idea. The summer months will be your biggest money makers, but there is work to be enjoyed with this unique business idea throughout the whole year.

Starting a professional organizer business is easy and fun. With a minimal investment, you can set your own rates and choose your own hours. With popularity of the internet, you can even organize reunions in different states! All it takes is a little knowledge of local venues, vendors and activities, and you can throw a party that will never be forgotten.

Working part time as a reunion organizer, it will be important for you to work well with people and exercise excellent organization and communication skills. Some people will use your professional organizer business to put on a small scale event with close friends and family, while other will require an extravaganza for hundreds of attendees. Throwing a family or class reunion can be a big money maker if you have what it takes to put together great food, entertainment and fun.

Skills Required: communication skills, organization skills and event planning skills

It takes a combination of communication and organization skills to start working part time as a reunion organizer. Of course, you should have event planning savvy as well. This includes organizing a menu and/or catering services, designing and ordering t-shirts, and booking bands for entertainment purposes.

Startup Expenses: $100-200

The startup expenses for this business idea are moderate. The key is advertising your services the right way and getting the information about your skills as a reunion organizer into the hands of the right people. Depending on the geographic area you serve, you might need a combination of print advertisements, flyers, marketing postcards and online classified ads to spread the word.

Monthly Revenues: $500-$800 per month

Depending on how many clients you can secure and how many events you can schedule, your professional organizer business can be very lucrative. The big money maker for this business idea will be weekend events during the summer.

Monthly Expenses: $50-$75

Monthly expenses for this home-based business opportunity are minimal. The groups of people you are organizing the events for will be responsible for the costs of facility rentals, t-shirts or other promotional items, entertainment costs, and food. Your primary expenses will include basic office supplies and maintaining a simple marketing campaign.

Time to Break Even: 3 months

Within three months, you should be able to put on enough reunion events to recoup your startup costs – and more. The best time to implement this business idea is in the winter, so that you can catch potential clients who are gearing up to plan reunions well in advance.

Working part time as a reunion organizer is a fun and exciting business idea. You can do most of the work from the comfort of your own home. Start planning great events and helping people reconnect with long lost friends and family.

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