Sales Call Tips

Sales Call Tips

As a business owner, I know that there are many reasons behind every purchase made. Closing a sale through verbal communication is always effective and successful. There is a time for business visits and the exchange of pleasantries – but don't confuse these with sales calls. 

There should be a valid reason behind every sales call, whether on phone or in person. Making a sales call on time indicates to your customers that you have given some thought to their presence and hope to help them profit while adding value to their business.

Things To Avoid While Making A Sales Call 

  • No matter how badly you want to sell your products, never pretend, lie or exaggerate because customers eventually discover the truth – you will end up losing much more in the long run.
  • Make sales calls only when you are sure that you will meet the decision-maker. 
  • Always refer to your competition as ‘the other company' and never attempt to knock them down. Present a valid reason as to why your products are superior to those of your competitors.
  • Do not make a sales presentation until you have identified a valid client need for the product or service you are selling.

It always helps to make a list of questions to ask before making a sales call. This helps you to plan your sales pitch accordingly.

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