2010 Google Caffeine: Changing the Face of Search Marketing

Are you ready for the major upgrades coming to the Google search engine? Find out how Google Caffeine is changing its SEO algorithm and how you can improve your website to get ranked well in 2010.

In the early battles between the search engines, Google emerged as the leader in search engine technology, innovation, and services. However, in response to increased competition by Bing and consumer demands, Google has been testing an updated search engine that will be released in 2010, codenamed: Google Caffeine.

How Google Caffeine is Changing

As the codename implies, the upgraded search engine will be working at lightning speed with new innovations in search engine technology and algorithms. Here are some of the expected changes:

  • Faster Speed

    The speed at which a search engine can post a search engine results page (SERP) is vitally important. The new Google Caffeine has been tested and clocked at twice its normal search speed. That means you can get search results lighting fast in a microsecond, and it gives the term “web crawling” a completely new meaning. Expect to see Google promote the high speed of internet searching when it introduces the new engine.

  • More Results

    Not only will Google Caffeine be faster, but it can provide more results in less time. Its innovative crawling technology allows the new search engine to index more websites and provide a user more results on the SERP.

  • Accuracy

    Internet search users want accurate search results that are pertinent to search query keywords. The new Google Caffeine will more accurately reflect what an internet searcher seeks.

How Caffeine Will Impact Your Website

What does the new Google search engine mean for you and your website? It does indeed mean that you will need to update your Google Caffeine search marketing strategies. The new search engine has new algorithms that index websites more effectively. You will want to be noticed by the Google web crawlers by doing the following:

  • Fresh Content

    Fresh content will be more important for Caffeine than it has been for Google in the past. For your SEO efforts to bode well, you must update your website regularly with fresh and original content that is relevant to your product offerings. In fact, in the Caffeine algorithm, content will play a much more significant role than backlinks.

  • Page Download Time

    Google Caffeine is looking for pages that are easy to download and view on browsers. You should make a thorough analysis of your current webpage size and download times. You can make efficiencies by reducing the number of photos and images, reducing the file size of images, reducing size of coding by using CSS, and avoiding long-loading scripts like Flash.

  • More Competition for Single Keywords

    Considering that Google Caffeine will be indexing more pages, this will inevitably create more competition for single keywords. Simultaneously, however, this will give you more opportunities to target long-tail keywords, as Google will be looking for higher accuracy and relevancy. Begin to infuse long-tail keywords into your content and meta-tags to help boost your website’s prominence in the search results.

Google Caffeine search marketing will be a major issue in 2010. Keep your website updated and ready to get noticed by Google Caffeine.

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