Strategies for Building a Stronger Support Team

You don’t have to achieve business success single-handedly. Take advantage of strategies to build a strong and dependable small business support team that will help your company grow.

Many new entrepreneurs have the mistaken notion that they can do it all by themselves, or trust their “gut” to make all the right decisions. Unfortunately, this can be a fallacy. Even the President of the United States has a dedicated and top-notch support team to help guide decisions.

Although some entrepreneurs can succeed without building a support team, it usually takes much longer, with many failures experienced along the way. But the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who build and trust a dedicated support team to help guide their decisions and perform the necessary actions that make success faster and easier.

Do you have a valued support team in place? If not, here are a few tips for building a support team that will help your small business thrive.

Hire Specialists

To make your small business succeed, you need a trusted staff that specializes in special areas. Rarely can one person perform all duties of running a small business. Building a support team means finding the people who can make your business run most efficiently and offer advice to help you make important decisions.

Specialists you might consider are:

  • Financial Managers – Keeping your financial books in order is important. Build a support team that includes someone who knows how to accurately track income and expenses, prepare budgets, and perform all the other important financial duties of your business.

  • Sales and Marketing – Find a person who is experienced and proven to increase sales.

  • Human Resources – Dealing with employees can be time consuming and confusing. Get an experienced HR person who can help manage your employees needs and ensure that your hiring, managing, and firing all abide by legal guidelines.

Hire Consultants

A small business team can consist of full-time hired staff. But in many cases, part of building a support team is through outside help. Such is the case in hiring consultants and professional advisors. Here are just a few you should have on your small business support team:

  • CPA – A Certified Public Accountant is trained not only in keeping books and filing taxes, but specializes in offering sound financial advice. That may mean consulting your CPA to run numbers on a new business prospect to determine its profitability or perhaps asking whether buying property is more cost-efficient than renting an office.

  • Attorney – Every business has legal issues. Whether they be worker compensation issues, intellectual property filings, or simply preventing liability, having a good and trustworthy attorney on retainer is a must for building a support team.

  • Insurance Agent – You may not think that an insurance agent can offer much support for your business. However, building a strong support team also means protecting your business. Insurance agents can help with providing liability protection, delivering group health insurance options for you and your employees and protecting your valuable business assets.

Your support team is important to the ultimate success of your small business. Be smart and build a small business support team who will help guide you to growth and prosperity.

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