Social Media Marketing Gets Sophisticated in 2010

Make sure your business is ready to capitalize on social media marketing in 2010. Learn more about coming trends in 2010 that will set social media on the marketing map.

2009 was certainly a banner year for social media. Sites like Twitter and Facebook grew and expanded at an astounding pace, and you can now find everyone from Martha Stewart to your neighborhood mom on Facebook. Tens of millions of internet users from around the world have signed in and set up accounts to keep in touch with friends, family, and new contacts.

Of course, where millions gather, marketers arise. While 2009 saw the growing emergence of business marketing on social media, 2010 will refine how marketers use social media to reach customers.

Big and small companies alike have found that social media tools can enhance their business. Facebook allows a commercial business to create a “page” where they can gather fans and offer them updates on business news and special deals. Twitter has seen numerous business accounts blossom with the purpose of acquiring “followers” to whom they can send tweets announcing discounts and other internet deals.

However, as social media marketing has seen much hit-and-miss tactics, social media sites are cracking down on “spam” marketers, and companies are refining their social media strategy. Here is a glimpse at what may be in store for social media marketing in 2010.

Company Social Media Policy

Many companies, particularly bigger corporations, are setting up social media marketing policies. A business presence on any social media site should require not only a social media marketing strategy, but corporate image guidelines as well. Be sure that your business remains consistent in using social media tools and options for promoting your business.

Mobile Media

With millions of Americans buying and using smartphones with advanced mobile browsing technology, social media will cross into these devices. This means social media marketing also will need to focus on the mobile browser and user. People with smartphones are checking social media updates regularly and making searches for products and services while on the go. For 2010, plan to ensure your social media strategy incorporates mobile users.

More Sharing

Social media tools on Facebook and Twitter allow users to re-post your updates. The Facebook “share this” feature will likely be used more often by users who feel that your offerings may be of interest to others. Twitter users can “re-tweet” an update from your company to all their other followers. This form of viral spreading of your social media marketing message can be a big benefit. Encourage the use of sharing your updates in 2010.

Social Media Gets Local

New websites like Foursquare promote local marketing. Using a competition style game, users are encouraged to check what’s happening where and offers special deals and “freebies” to frequent regulars. This can be a big source of local customer growth for your business.

Social media marketing will see growth in 2010, but also refinement of strategies. Your messages will likely be more targeted and will need to fit with the needs of followers and fans, as well as social media site policies and restrictions. With the right strategy, your small business can benefit tremendously from social media marketing in 2010.

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