Special Events

Special Events — Bigger Profits

Planning special events isn't just fun — it can also lead to bigger profits!  When I plan a special event for my business, I look at it as just another form of advertising.

Try putting on a special event if you want steady customer loyalty.  Special events have a way of getting people excited about your business. This is the reason why you see bookstores hosting book signings and reading sessions, companies conducting free seminars and stockbrokers holding retirement planning seminars.

Planning the Right Special Event

The motive behind any event planning should not be about planning the event, but deciding on the kind of marketing results the event is capable of producing. This involves strategically attaching a sales message to every event and later benefiting from the results. For instance, a seminar could have a speaker offering a gentle sales pitch at the end or handing out coupons to participants. You can follow up later by keeping track of the coupons and monitoring and keeping a log of new customer responses. You should also find out how customers can came to know about your company. 


Nowadays, many companies focus their marketing efforts on tradeshows. Tradeshows attract the highest number of real prospects. During the tradeshow, many companies host a party after hours, a raffle, or some sort of contest.  To gauge the potential of a tradeshow, research the show thoroughly before you decide to exhibit and talk about the results to past exhibitors in the same field.

The key to getting good results from a special event lies in meticulous planning.  If you plan and research well, your special event is bound to be a success, resulting in more new customers and greater profits over the life of your business.