Is Starting a Construction Company a Lucrative Career Path?

Thinking about starting a construction company? Read why construction might be the dream job you've been seeking.
starting a construction company

Thinking about starting a construction company? Are you someone who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty? Do you find satisfaction after completing a long day’s work? Do you want to do all this and one day own your own business?

If you answer yes to any of the above, construction may be a viable career option. Construction is a job that allows you to learn an arsenal of valuable skills. What’s more, you can earn a decent living, and there are many growth opportunities. Continue reading below to see why construction might be the dream job you’ve been seeking.

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Good Pay Almost Immediately

Perhaps one of the best benefits of starting a career in construction, or starting a construction company, is the pay. You can become an apprentice and start earning a decent salary with only a high school diploma. You also get paid a good percentage of what qualified workers get during your training.

However, when starting a construction company, you’ll need to invest your time and some cash in getting licensed. Having a contractors’ license will open up more lucrative opportunities in the construction industry. You can learn about pre-licensing requirements at or other local organizations that offer educational resources.

As an apprentice, your take-home pay should be enough to get you through the rest of your training and schooling. Based on your performance, you’ll likely get a pay increase every year until you’re a fully qualified contractor.

Various Job Opportunities

Think about all the different people it requires to build a house or a commercial building. There’s generally a large team of workers with a vast array of skills. You have plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and roofers, to name a few.

In construction, there are countless trades to learn that open up numerous job opportunities. You can try out a few until you find one that’s most suitable for your likings and career goals. The more skills and trades you master, the more higher-paying jobs you can obtain.

Good Job Security

The market size of the construction sector is around $1.4 trillion in the United States alone. This is important to know if you’re considering starting a construction company. It’s safe to say that there are endless job opportunities for those with the skills and trades. While buildings last a long time, they do decay over time. As a result, cities always need competent workers to keep their buildings in tip-top shape.

However, job opportunities aren’t limited to big cities. You can find plenty of work even if you live in a small town. As long as you have the skills and willingness to work, you can have a remarkably steady income working in construction.

Verdict: Is Construction a Lucrative Career?

In short, becoming a contractor is a fantastic career choice full of opportunities and satisfying work. You can earn a great living without a 4-year degree, and you get to work on something tangible. Furthermore, you get to learn a wide range of skills that can help you launch a thriving business.

If you don’t see yourself as a person that likes sitting in an office behind a computer, then starting a construction company is well worth considering.

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