Strategic Alliances: A Key Part of Future Business

Building strategic alliances. With each passing day, the Internet is allowing businesses to form joint ventures and strategic alliances with other businesses. Whether you're using an affiliate system through or you're selling books on your site, the opportunity for more and more strategic alliances are out there.

Consider who you can partner with, and why:

  • Find like-minded businesses that provide complementary (non-competing) services to your niche and partner with them to maximize profit and customer loyalty.
  • Find like minded businesses that want to share resources (like offices or office staff) to increase profits and improve your bottom line.
  • Find like minded people who want to sell your products or services for a percentage of income. These people — if they feel a sense of ownership and partnership in what you do — will sell more than your top sales people.

Strategic partnerships are critical… and a growing opportunity. We'll see more of them in the future.